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Electronic Cigars, or e-cigars, are the cigar version of e-cigarettes. They offer a number of benefits over traditional cigars; Electronic Cigars are healthier, cleaner and often more convenient---since e-cigars are not lit and do not produce smoke, they are not subject to smoking bans.

Inhaling the vapor from Electronic Cigars or cigarettes is referred to as vaping. Vaping is increasing in popularity around the world as an alternative to smoking; vapor contains no tar, carbon monoxide, particulates or other substances associated with smoking-related illnesses. Vaping is also typically less expensive than traditional cigars or cigarettes.

Picking the Perfect E-Cigar

Like e-cigarettes, all Electronic Cigars consist of three primary components; a cartridge containing fluid, a heating chamber that converts the fluid to vapor, and a battery to power the heating chamber. Other aspects can vary considerably and those planning to buy Electronic Cigars will benefit from doing some basic research prior to making a purchase.

Electronic Cigars can be broken down into two basic types:

  • Disposable units typically produce 500 to 1000 puffs before expiring, at which point the e-cigar is discarded and a new one must be purchased.
  • Rechargeable units are generally more costly than disposable e-cigars, but provide significant savings in the long run if used frequently. Rechargeable e-cigars require periodic purchases of refill cartridges or fluid, but these are typically inexpensive and are available in a greater variety of strengths and flavors than disposable units.

It's possible to buy Electronic Cigars---both rechargeable or disposable---in a range of nicotine strengths, typically from 10 to 24 mg. 16 mg is equivalent to a standard filtered cigarette, 24 to an unfiltered, and 11 to a light. There are also nicotine-free cartridges available, which produce vapor to mimic the sensation of smoking but do not deliver nicotine. Those new to vaping will probably want to buy Electronic Cigars or refill cartridges of at least 16 mg; vapor is not absorbed as well as smoke, and it takes a little practice to master the technique, so lower levels may not be as satisfying at first. Infrequent cigar smokers may be happy with 10 mg fluid.

There are also a range of flavors available, some of which are quite exotic. Newer users who find themselves overwhelmed with the variety of flavors may benefit from starting with disposable units, which are typically designed to mimic the flavor of various cigars, such as the Cuban cigars offered by Nicolites. If purchasing a rechargeable cigar, check if the cartridge is refillable or disposable; with refillable cartridges any vaping fluid can be used, but with disposable cartridges flavoring will likely be limited to what that particular manufacturer offers.

Perhaps the most important consideration in choosing an Electronic Cigar is the quality of the vapor. Many people find that even if nicotine delivery is sufficient, the texture, temperature and taste of the vapor bears little resemblance to smoke and the experience is not very satisfactory. Most mid- to high-range e-cigars do a good job of replicating the taste and sensation of smoke; those planning to buy Electronic Cigars for the first time should avoid low-end units, as they're not a very fair representation of what cigar vaping has to offer. Some e-cigars are even designed to look and feel like a traditional cigar, and produce vapor that looks just like smoke.

E-cigars are available in a wide range of prices, from inexpensive disposable units to considerably higher-priced rechargeables in decorative gift boxes. Even the relatively basic disposable e-cigars typically cost more than disposable e-cigs, but keep in mind that most disposable e-cigars produce a lot more puffs than an e-cig; the same is true of e-cigar refill cartridges.

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Kiwi Drug is happy to offer both e-cigars and e-cigarettes to our clients. Both of these products provide tremendous health benefits for those who transition to them from traditional tobacco products. Vaping devices are safe, clean and will not leave rooms or vehicles smelling of smoke. They're also very convenient---since these devices are not lit and do not produce smoke, they are not subject to smoking bans and can be used in restaurants, bars and other public places.

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